Newfoundland Ultralight Radio Trans-Atlantics & Domestics Report April 17-18

Allen Willie

Hello To All

With a Solar K Index reading of 1 last evening, Trans-Atlantic signals for the most part were strong and the earliest hint of them began much earlier than previously this week , around 20:40UTC . No new stations were added to the ULR logs.

684-SPAIN-R. Nacional Espana 1 ,Sevilla group in discussion Spanish
819-Unidentified 22:41UT/17 man in Arabic talk (Morocco or Egypt)
864-FRANCE-France Bleue,Villebon-sur-Yvette 00:07UT/17 French songs & talk
909-ENGLAND-BBC 5 Live,Moorside Edge 23:27UT/17 talk about marriage
972-GERMANY-NDR Info,Hamburg 00:01UT/18 news in German
999-Unidentified 23:25UT/17 Arabic singing
999-MOLDOVA-Voice of Russia Relay,Maiac 2:40UT/18 news in Russian by woman
1008-NETHERLANDS-GrootnieuwsRadio,Zeewolde 00:34UT/18 Religious songs in English,ID in Dutch (Very Strong like a Local for 10 minutes)
1017-GERMANY-SWR Wolfsheim 23:56UT/17 woman in German
1026-IRAN-IRIB1 Tabriz, 00:20UT/18 Chanting (Very Strong)
1044-SPAIN-SER San Sebastian, 23:14UT/17 two men Spanish talk
1062-Unidentified-23:25UT/17 Arabic music
1089-ENGLAND-Talksport Radio,Brookmans Park 22:39UT/17 talk about Ghandi
1098-SPAIN-R. Nacional, Avila 23:32UT/17 Spanish talk,promos
1107-SPAIN-R. Nacional 5, Logrono 22:43UT/17 Spanish talk (Very Strong)
1116-SPAIN-SPAIN-SER Pontevedra 22:44UT/17 Spanish talk & promos
1179-ROMANIA-Romania Actualatiti,Glabeni-Bacau 22:44UT/17 prgrm about Jazz greats in Romanian
1188-IRAN-R. Payam, Tehran 23:06UT/17 Persian talk & music
1215-ENGLAND-Absolute Radio, Various 23:05UT/17 Plain White T's music,ID//1197(Like A Local)
1251-LIBYA-Voice of Africa,Tripoli 22:30UT/17 Arabic talk
1251-Unidentified 22:30UT/17 two musical ballads ,lang. like Spanish under Libya (Portugal?)
1287-SPAIN-SER Various 00:04UT/18 man in Spanish teletalk w/ woman
1296-ENGLAND-R. XL 1296 AM Langley Mill, 22:45UT/17 Bruno Mars song,Requests ment. in English
1296-SPAIN-COPE Valencia 23:34UT/17 Spanish talk mixing w/ XL Radio England
1314-UNITED ARAB EMIRATES-R. Farda Al Dhabbaya 22:47UT/17 Arabic talk,ID (Like A Local)
1332-IRAN-Radio Tehran,Tehran 23:31UT/17 Flute music,Persian talk,ment. Iran
1341-NORTHERN IRELAND-BBC R. Ulster,Lisnagarvey 22:37UT/17 Crooners music
1377-FRANCE-France Info,Lille 22:47UT/17 woman in French talk (Like a Local)
1395-ALBANIA-R. Tirana ,Fllake 22:32UT/17 talk in Albanian
1413-SPAIN-R. Nacional Jaen 00:03UT/18 woman w/ Spanish promos
1440-LUXEMBOURG-KBS Korea Relay,Marnach In English
1458-ALBANIA-China Radio Relay, Fllake 22:05UT/17 Polish lang. prgrm
1467-FRANCE-Transworld Radio, Romoules Relay 22:10UT/17 Relig talk in English
1494-FRANCE-France Info, various 3:05UT/18 news in French
1503-IRAN-IRIB1 Bushehr, 22:34UT/17 Persian music & talk (Strong)
1521-SAUDI ARABIA-BSKSA-Duba 21:55UT/17 Arabic music & talk (Like A Local)
1530-ENGLAND-Pulse 2, Huddersfield 1:15UT/18 "The Greatest Hits of All Time,West Yorkshire's Pulse 2" ID, BTO song
1539-Unidentified 22:35UT/17 French talk by woman
1539-Unidentified 23:02UT/17 English news (VOA Relay? )
1548-ENGLAND-BBC R. Bristol,Mangotsfield, 00:33UT/18 BBC News
1566-ENGLAND- BBC 5 Live Relayed via BBC Bristol Taunton 00:32UT/18
1575-UNITED ARAB EMIRATES-R. Farda, Al Dhabbiya 22:35UT/17 Arabic pop music,ID
1584-SPAIN-SER Various 00:04UT/18 man in Spanish talk
1602-SPAIN-Euskadi Irratia,Cerro Estibaliz, 00:22UT/18 Spanish songs,talk,ID

Receivers: SRF-M37V & SRF-39FP barefoot

Good DX

Allen Willie & Dianne Froude
Bristols Hope,Newfoundland
47:43N 53:11W