Newfioundland Ultralight Radio Trans-Atlantics & Domestics Report April 16-17

Allen Willie

Hello To All,

Another decent evening propagation wise as a good variety of signals crossed the band. The solar K index hovered at 2 however signals from some stations still packed some punch. Dianne logged Romania for a new country and station for her ULR log. I also added a new one to my log.

684-SPAIN-Radio Nacional 1 00:03UT/17 two men in Spanish talk
720-GREENLAND-KNR Simuitaq,00:03UT/17 man in Inuit lang.
756-GERMANY-Deutschlandfunk,Braunschweig 00:02UT/17 woman w/news in German //1422
774-Unidentified 00:42UT/17 Arabic chants (Egypt or Morocco)
810-BBC Scotland Burghead 23:09UT/16 talk about 18th century history
909-ENGLAND-BBC 5 Live,Moorside Edge 22:58UT/16 promos,talk (Good)
936-Unidentified-00:16UT/17 unknown lang. many ment. of "Bosh" sound,chants later (Morocco? )
954-SPAIN-Onda Cero Radio, Madrid 23:26UT/17 woman w/ Spanish commentary
999-Unidentified – 23:09UT/16 Arabic chants (Saudi or Morocco)
1008-CANARY ISLANDS-R. Punto,Las Palmas 23:25UT/16 Spanish teletalk,ID
1017-GERMANY-SWR Wolfsheim, 00:01UT/17 woman w/ news in German
1035-PORTUGAL-Star FM, Belmonte 00:11UT/17 ID,America-Horse With No Name
1044-SPAIN-SER San Sebastian 23:27UT/16 man in Spanish (Like A Local)
1089-ENGLAND-Talksport Radio,Brookmans Park 22:57UT/16 Fishing show promo,talk (Like A Local)
1107-ENGLAND-Talksport Radio (tx unknown) 22:57UT/16 promos,ID (**NEW**)(AW) … EMWG says this one has several low power transmitters (Not sure which )
1134-CROATIA-Hrvatska Radio,Zadar 22:57UT/16 Croatian songs,talk (Like A Local)
1152-Unidentified- 23:07UT/16 Operetic singing (not Spain or Romania those are mixing with this)
1161-IRAN-VOIRI-Abadan 00:40UT/17 Chanting
1161-ENGLAND-Magic 1161 AM – Coxhill 23:28UT/16 soft pop songs,ID (2nd time only hearing this)
1170-UNITED ARAB EMIRATES-R. Sawa, Al Dhabbaya 23:29UT/16 Arabic pop
1170-SLOVENIA-R. Slovenija Intl Beli-Kriz 00:50UT/17 music program,ID
1179-ROMANIA-Romania Actualatiti Galbeni-Bacau 23:00UT/16 time pips to News ,ID **NEW COUNTRY ** (DF)
1242-FRANCE-France Info, Marseille 23:04UT/16 woman with news in French
1251-LIBYA-Voice of Africa,Tripoli 22:52UT/16 woman in Arabic(Good)
1314-UNITED ARAB EMIRATES-R. Farda,Al Dhabbaya 22:52UT/16 Farsi talk,ID (mix with Spain)
1386-SPAIN-Euskadi Irratia, Bilbao 22:52UT/17 talk in Basque lang.
1422-ALGERIA-R. Culture,Alger 23:30UT/16 French talk (Good)
1431-DJIBOUTI-R. Sawa Arta 22:50UT/16 Arabic talk & music,ID
1440-LUXEMBOURG-China Radio Relay Marnach 22:03UT/16 News in English

Receivers: SRF-M37V & SRF-39FP

Good DX

Allen Willie & Dianne Froude
Bristols Hope,Newfoundland
47:43N 53:11W