Oklahoma TP's 11-18-10


TP signals were fewer and weaker this monring. All signals were from Japan. Most of the activity was in the few minutes around local sunrise at 1310 UTC. Considering the lack of other signals, JOGB 873 was the surprise of the morning. It remains my longest distance station.

Receiver: Tecsun PL-310 with 7.5" loopstick.

531 unID, 1310, slight het.
558 unID, 1232, slight het (KLZ 560 QRM).
567 unID (JOIK?), 1312, slight het.
594 JOAK Tokyo J, 1303, JJ talk, barely audible to poor.
693 JOAB Tokyo J, 1307, man JJ, poor (KGGF 690 QRM).
702 unID, 1224, carrier (WLW & KSEV 700 QRM).
747 unID (JOIB?), 1222, slight het fading away by 1223 (WSB 750 QRM).
774 JOUB Akita J, 1215-1255, audio fading in & out (KSPI 780 QRM).
828 unID (JOBB?), 1242, het (WCCO & XEIK 830 QRM).
873 JOGB Kumamoto J, barely audible talk, 2200 JST TS followed by man reading WX rpt in JJ, heard again at 1308-1309 //JOAB 693.
1242 unID (JOLF?), 1315, het.

Other DX signals noted:
620 CKRM Regina SK, 1236, sports news, poor (XEBU QRM).
650 CKOM Saskatoon SK, 1226, sports news, fair.

I hope everyone to my west fared better. Good DX all.


Richard Allen
36°22'51"N / 97°26'35"W
(near Perry OK USA)