Puyallup, WA Ultralight TP's for 11-17

Gary DeBock

Hello All,
     Richard (in Oklahoma) apparently picked the perfect time to chase TP's with his PL-310 and 7.5" loopstick, since Asiatic signals were most vibrant here around 1330, featuring a few second-tier Asians making modest appearances. The 1035 and 1377 CNR1 stations were in audio, and the Chinese from 918 to 945 were knocking on the door. Like yesterday, TP propagation dropped off slowly after that, however, with only a few "big guns" sticking around until a fairly good sunrise enhancement around 1500 (which simply tended to make the anemic "big guns" sound healthy again). Asian propagation did continue for a longer period this morning, though, with an unusually strong 972-HLSA still vibrant around 1530.
     The sunrise enhancement around 1500 did boost up the 648-VOR (Korean) and 738-BEL2 (Chinese) programs, and provide some nice signals from the 594 and 828 Japanese powerhouses. During 972-HLSA moderate fade-in around 1525 there was a weak Chinese co-channel on the frequency, but Asian propagation collapsed well before any ID clues were heard. Most TP-DXers remember this time last year, when strong Chinese co-channels were showing up not only on 972 but on 594, 747, 828 and other "big gun" frequencies. The current season seems to provide few such occasions. 
     The following were heard on a C.Crane SWP Slider model (7.5" loopstick), inductively coupled to a 9' sided PVC tuned passive loop (in the rainy back yard). A modified ICF-2010 (30" loopstick) was used as an SSB spotting receiver:
558  HLQH  Daegu, S. Korea  Good Korean music at 1337 // 603
585  JOPG  Kushiro, Japan  Fair Japanese talk at 1335
594  JOAK  Tokyo, Japan  Good Japanese YL talk at 1350
603  HLSA  Namyang, S. Korea  Fair music at 1338 // 558
639  CNR1  China Synchros  Fair male-female Chinese 1514
648  VOR   Razdolnoye, Russia  Good during Korean program
            at 1510, with several "RSA" ID's  http://www.mediafire.com/?5823fshql3o1ycj
657  Pyongyang BS, N. Korea  Thankfully weaker than usual
666  JOBK  Osaka, Japan  Fair Japanese talk around 1339
738  BEL2  Penghu, Taiwan  Fair-good Chinese speech at
            1505; completely clean signal  http://www.mediafire.com/?zep1w7g6brsd349
747  JOIB  Sapporo, Japan  Good Japanese talk around 1512
756  CNR1  China Synchros  Fair male-female Chinese at 1336
774  JOUB  Akita, Japan  Fair in KTTH splatter late at 1515
828  JOBB  Osaka, Japan  Fair-good Japanese YL speech
            at 1503   http://www.mediafire.com/?xnlk22rqk69jair
918  China  (presumed Shandong)  Threshold Chinese at 1340
936  Anhui, China (presumed) Fair-good music around 1348
972  HLCA  Dangjin, S. Korea  Fair-good Korean pop music at
            1525 with weak Chinese co-channel  http://www.mediafire.com/?t2qfad299kj9l44
1035  CNR1  China Synchros  Fair Chinese speech at 1349
1044  CRI    Jiangsu, China  Good Japanese external pgm 1354
1134  KBS3  Hwaseong, S. Korea Fair-good Korean speech 1410
1377  CNR1  China  Fair male-female talk at 1358 in KRKO slop
1566  HLAZ  Jeju, S. Korea  Good Japanese religious program at
           1343 (before antenna switch)
1575  VOA  Ban Rassom, Thailand  Fair Asiaitic language at 1344
73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock