? 4 some1 with PL-380 & PL-390 near AM transmitter


Hi all...

I'm looking at maybe getting a PL-390 to replace my PL-380, and an as-yet-unidentified radio to replace my Panasonic RQ-SW20. The PL-380 was originally going to replace the SW20, and double as an alarm clock, but unfortunately its AM section isn't as good as I had hoped, considering I live fairly close to some high power AM stations in an area with good ground conductivity. There are stations that I wanted to hear that on the RQ-SW20 would be completely buried below the noise even if there was no interference from other stations. Also, in many cases the weak station I wanted to hear was only 10 kHz away (20kHz in the case of an IBOC pest, although a few may also be under the IBOC carriers of a local so I've basically given up on those until we have a way to filter IBOC noise out and pull a signal out from under it) from a signal that could still be loudly heard about 200-250 or more kHz away (the RQ-SW20, in my evaluation, has comparable selectivity to the Sony SRF-M37W).

I understand the PL-390 is a bit more sensitive than the PL-380. My basic question is.... how good is its front end, compared to the PL-380? For example, let's say you're close enough to an AM transmitter so you get 50,00 readings +/-300kHz or so from the station's assigned frequency on the PL-380. With the PL-390, would it be possible to hear a weak station at +/-10kHz with an RSSI of 15dBu? If you have a signal generator (even if you use the local oscillator of a non-DSP radio), is it possible to generate a signal that would read 15,25 on the PL-380? (I can do that on the 2nd harmonic (2340kHz) of a local (1170kHz) under the right conditions.) There are some stations I want to hear that on my PL-380 are buried under a 41dBu noise floor at my location, and other stations that are buried under a 50dBu noise floor in some places (one example being my grandparents house, where a 23kW station on 1300 and a 50kW station on 1430, both diplexing from 1/3 mile away, give a 50dBu noise floor across almost the entire upper half of the band, and the station on 1300 blocks reception of a signal on 1290 that according to radio-locator would be approximately at the 0.15mV/m contour).

So should I consider getting a PL-390 to use as a bedside clock radio? Also is there any known pocket-sized radio (the PL-380 I currently own is disqualified for me) with multiple bandwidths (preferably several options from around 1kHz to 10kHz), C-Quam AM Stereo decoder, etc., that would be able to hear the stations I'm wanting to hear?