Nova Scotia Tropo- July 7

John Cereghin <jcereghin@...>

Last night was my first chance to DX some tropo "from the other end" here in Greenwood, Nova Scotia.  The logs below were made with a PL-310 barefoot:

92.1    CBHY, Yarmouth NS, CBC, 104 miles

97.5    WOKQ, Dover NH, 326 miles, best of the night

101.9  WPOR Portland ME, Maine’s #1 Country Music Station, 281 miles

102.1  WKVZ, Dexter ME, K-Love, 212 miles

105.3  CFXY Fredericton NB, The Fox, 107 miles (not a regular here)

106.9  CIBX Fredericton NB, Capital FM, 107 miles (not a regular here)

107.9  WFMX, Skowhegan ME, Mix 107.9, 236 miles

Much of the tropo sounds stronger up here than it does in Delaware, probably since there are so many more empty channels in Nova Scotia and the tropo doesn't have to battle the locals nearly as hard.  There were a lot of very good signals last night.

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