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I've just started playing with FM on the sony srf-m40w. it hears many stations on other freqs (similar to harmonics) so its not a good radio to be dx'ing with. 90.3 on real station 96.3, 100.7 on real station 95.1

i've found i can use the MW loop for fm, just by holding the radio near the loop.

When the Skip is can use a Wet Noodle...But the Bigger and Higher your Antenna the Better. Not necessary for E-skip as much as Tropo and Ground Wave.

your FM totals are staggering. you must spend your whole life listening to the radio, any hearing loss ??

Pardon??????????? HAHHAHAHA.......I do spend a lot of Time DXing. I have Sleep Apnea, and I average about 3-4 Hours of Sleep a day!! Been that way for about 15 years now. I was always a Night Hawk anyway....but now I just don't sleep much at all!! I sometimes wonder how I can keep on ticking??? I also have a Job where I work 10 Hour that gives me 3 days off a week instead of 2 where I am not working...and I have 8 Weeks of Holidays every year. In 99 Days (Working Days that is)......I will be RETIRING after 32 years with the London Police Service. That's when I will really be able to do some SERIOUS DXing!! HAHAHAHA......

what do you use for an FM antenna ?

i've seen the bow tie antenna being used for FM, have you tried one ?
i'm looking for a construction article for it now.

My FM Antenna is called an APS-14 made by Antenna Performance Specialists. It is a 14 Element Beam and I have it on a Tower at 50 Feet with a Rotor. I have had this Beam up for the past 10 years or so. The 14 Element Beam is not Produced any more....but it was replaced by the APS-13 which has one less element...and is supposed to be as good or better!! I have one of the APS-13's in my Rafters downstairs.....just waiting to be put up.....but I most likely won't put it up til something happens to the APS-14. Bought it as a Back-up in case they stop making them forever!!
The APS-14 Beam is a is the LONGEST Consumer Available FM Beam made. I think it is almost 18 Feet Long!! It is an amazing Antenna!! I've heard some pretty neat stuff with it over the years.

how can you tell the difference between E and ground wave, whats the max distance for ground wave on FM ?

E-Skip Signals bounce off the Ionosphere and REFLECT back to earth. The Normal Range for E-skip is 900-1300 Miles or so. Shorter distances up to 500 Miles are rare..but DO Happen...sometimes even shorter for real intense E-Skip. Single Hop E's can stretch out to about 1500 Miles.....after that you pretty much need Multiple Hops to obtain longer distances. My Longest double Hop E-Skip reception is BELIZE at over 1800 Miles!! Some have logged much farther than that.....including PAUL LOGAN in IRELAND...who has received several TRANS-ATLANTIC Multiple Hop Stations!!
There's no set "Maximum Distance" for GROUNDWAVE....there are a lot of factors that come in to play. Your Antenna, It's Height above ground, Your Average Terrain, the Time of Year....and the Stations  Power, Antenna  Specs etc. My Usual GROUNDWAVE coverage is  up to 200 Miles. After that you need a Little Enhancement on the Band usually to get farther. Ground Wave Signals don't bounce off the Ionosphere...they are line of sight from Transmitter to Receiving Antenna.

and have you guys come up with any FM awards yet ? i'm mostly interested in total states.

Gary and I haven't discussed the particulars yet.......I've been very busy DXing FM with my spare time...and Gary has been MASS PRODUCING Antennas for the ULR Members to use on their Tecsuns!! Once things slow down a bit....we'll get it all figured out!! Just keep track of your Totals...and everything will qualify for the Awards once they are announced.

also, wheres a good place to find listings of canadian FM stations ?

Check out this Site maintained by is a Great Database for USA and CANADA FM and TV Stations!!

on AM, i'm trying to hear stations from 75 to 120 mi from my QTH but nothing seems to work, (except for listening during thunder storms) any ideas ? seems to be a dead zone, too long for ground wave, too short for skip.

My first advice is Don't listen during Thunder Storms!! HAHHAHAHHA especially with an external Antenna or Whip!! Or you will be in a Real Dead Zone!!!....sorry couldn't resist that!! Try listening for them at NOON HOUR when there is NO Longer Haul stuff coming in. The less Interference the better for hearing closer in stuff that just doesn't cut through the Sludge.

And finally another "Stranger than Fiction" story.....this morning we had 'ANOTHER" E-skip opening to OKLAHOMA and I heard the following 2 Stations!!!

91.7 KOSU Stillwater, OKLAHOMA (John Bryant's Hometown)

89.7 KJTH Ponca City, OKLAHOMA (Kirk Allen's Hometown)

Now...if I can just hear Gary DeBock's Hometown (Puyallup, WASHINGTON)......that would make my day...and give me a New State on FM!!

73......ROB VA3SW (Hoping for another Big Opening to help celebrate Father's Day!!)

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA