Tecsun PL-360 Survives Full Disassembly

Gary DeBock

Hello All,
Prompted by an interest in the Si4734 chip firmware in the Tecsun PL-360 model (along with Scott), a full disassembly of the compact model was undertaken today. Tecsun's reputation for engineering technician-friendly disassembly methods played a large part in the decision, which would have been much tougher to make with a Kchibo or Degen model (neither of which have Tecsun's high reputation).
The compact model did indeed prove to be quite technician-friendly, and although the Si4734 chip itself was located under a 4-tab soldered shield on the back of the digital board, it was not too much trouble to remove the shield and take a photo of the Si4734 chip, posted below.
For those interested, and 8-photo album of the PL-360 disassembly has been uploaded to the Ultralightdx photo site, along with descriptions of the various components. The PL-360 has now been fully reassembled and checked out, having managed to survive the adventure. Tecsun's high-quality construction has once again saved the day :-)
73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)