Feb 17
1410 WRMN Elgin IL 1800 EST 1k 500W NEWSTALK
Feb 18
1360 WMOV Ravenswood WV 0723 EST 5k day only newstalk 256 mi
1240 WATT Cadillac MI 1754 EST 1k k 171 mi
1240 WCBY Cheboygan MI 1756 EST 1k 1k 228 mi
1230 WGRY Grayling MI 1959 EST 750w 750w 171 mi

Had some strange conditions last night at sunset, heard many MI graveyard stations, but little DX outside the state. Cheboygan is in northern MI close to the Mackinaw bridge going to the Upper Penisula, Grayling in north central mi, Cadillac is north western
mi. And i'm in south eastern mi.
i listened for the usual LA and GA stations but they were weak copy.

heard many others i couldnt ID, 2 Grand Rapids mi, pittsburg pa and others. someone mentioned arora conditions, that may explain it. After 8 pm signals flattened out. Conditions this morning are back to normal.

WATT = great call sign

Byron wa8lcz nr Detroit Mi stations heard 242
Kenwood TS450S litz loop 34 in sq and Sony SRF-M40W

jim_kr1s <jkearman@...>

--- In ultralightdx@..., "wa8lcz" wrote:

> 1360 WMOV Ravenswood WV 0723 EST 5k day only newstalk 256 mi

Best of the bunch, Byron! This is a real WV logging. WWVA's transmitter site is, I believe, actually in Ohio.


Jim, KR1S