Allen Willie

Hi Guys,
Fired up the SRF-39FP last night with the Terk Advantage loop  looking for any signals on 690 and 940 recently vacated by the two Montreal stations which occupied the frequencies here most evenings as well .
Nothing heard on either frequency so far but will continue to monitor for anything new. 940 is troubled by a local on 930 and 690 seems to be nothing but a hum so far and overwhelmed by England on 693 during other times.
Did log these later on as follows barefoot ;
558 khz - TURKEY TRT1 - Turkish Radio Denizli  1:55 UTC  2/1/10 w/ turkish music and talk ..... Spain w/ spanish  noted later on this freq
720 khz - WGN - Chicago, Illinois 3:32 UTC  2/1/10 w/ talk show discussing various political ammendments , ID
730 khz - CKAC - Montreal, Quebec  3:29 UTC  2/1/10 w/ man and woman with commentary in French  (Strongest signal ever from this one , sounded like local )
780 khz - WBBM - Chicago, Illinois   2:00 UTC  2/1/10 w/ ID then into CBS News
Best of DX to All
Allen Willie
St. John's , Newfoundland
SRF-39FP barefoot

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