PL380 Ver 1 or Ver 2

Tony King <tonyzl@...>

PL380 Ver 1 and Ver 2
Hi Guys,
Apart from the date of manufacture I haven't yet read of any difference in
performance on MW - or have I missed something ? Joyce Ng described the
difference as a software enhancement to improve stability or some such
oblique phrase.
My PL380 arrived in October possibly one of the first off the rank as I
ordered a 310 at the time. I await the shakedown on the ferrite rods saga
inside or outside before I turn on the soldering iron.

Tony King
New Zealand

jim_kr1s <jkearman@...>

Gary de Bock has tried every version AFAIK and was unable to detect any differences on MW. The stability improvement may have been on SW, though my 11/09 Version 1 seems okay there.

Antennas have been discussed ad infinitum (some say ad nauseum as well!), and I have gone back to enjoying my radio with ~340-uH re-wound internal antenna, which just netted me "20 Countries, Unlimited" certificate #2.


Jim, KR1S