Small indoor terminated loop antenna article now available

Kevin S <satya@...>

Hi all:

Living in a small townhouse with all of its restrictions on antennas, a
good EWE, Super Loop or other highly directional terminated antenna was
always just a dream, until I discovered that such antennas can be placed
indoors with good results. Just posted to and the Yahoo
UltralightDX group is an article which describes the construction and use
of a Super Loop that fits in my DX shack but has significantly increased
what I can hear, especially TA/TP reception. I closely compared Slinky
versus wire construction, the advantages and disadvantages of different
size loops, the effect of PVC construction, and how small terminated loops
stack up against commercially available active antennas. I also give a
very positive review of the new Wellbrook FLG-100, designed for terminated
loop use.

As more and more DXers find themselves in restricted quarters with little
room to work with, smaller antennas like these, whether used indoors or
outdoors, may be the best option available. In combination with the
remote termination unit that I posted a little bit ago, my DXing has taken
a definite step up, whether coupling the output to an Ultralight or
feeding it to a desktop communications receiver.

Here's the link:
It is also in Section 5 of the Yahoo UltralightDX group Files section.

Regards - Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA