Nova Scotia UL Report

John Cereghin <jcereghin@...>

After driving for 22 hours straight from Delaware to Nova Scotia on
New Year's Eve, we made it to my in-laws place in Greenwood, Nova
Scotia. Snow everywhere up here! Anyway, the PL-310 has been busy,
checking on Newfoundland stations and seeing what I can log barefoot.
A few logs from January 1:

540 CBT Grand Falls, Newfoundland, CBC, weakly
620 WZON Bangor ME, sports
740 CHCM, Marystown NF, IDs with VOCM, ads for Marystown Mall
1310 WLOB Portland ME, talk
820 WNYC New York NY, nice ID and NPR programming. A rather tough log
in Delaware
1520 WIZZ Greenfield MA, standards
1570 WNSH Beverly MA, ID and weather for the Merrimac Valley
1200 CFGO Ottawa ON, Ottawa 67s hockey
990 CBY, Corner Brook, Newfoundland CBC
1215 Absolute Radio (?), England with pop mx and another station with
what sounded like English talk but with very low audio, couldn’t ID
1715. First time I've heard two separate stations on 1215! This was
the only TA in besides 765 below.
765 Weak with female vocals, Germany? 1730

John Cereghin
Greenwood NS