ULR DX...3 NEW STNS @ Sunset...after a 9 Day Drought!!

robert ross

Hi Guys:

I hope everyone had a Great Christmas....and received a New Ultralight Radio in their sock!!! All was great here.....and we had a Blast. No DXing was done however, over the last 3 days...as it was just too busy and when things died down....so did I!! After a 9 Day Drought .....I was lucky to log 3 New ULR Stations tonight @ SUNSET!! I had a wicked "Trough" to the Northwest tonight encompassing Michigan's Northern Peninsula and North Western WISCONSIN!!! Aside from the 3 new ones I was also hearing many other RELOGS from up there!! I was hearing nothing else of note other than this NORTHWEST opening!

2 of the Stations are NEW to both the OVERALL LOG and the ULR LOG. The station on 1450 is ULR GraveYarder # 76 Heard!

# 800 on ULR appears to be UNREACHABLE by Year End......so I'll just try to log as many as I can by Thursday night...and see where I fall?? It was a nice run trying to achieve #800 in 2 years.....but it ain't looking good right now!

Radio Used..............SONY SRF-T615 ULR Barefoot

ULR LOG TOTALS are now......778 Stations Heard

73.....ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

1450 WMIQ Iron Mountain, MICH. Dec/27/09 1635 EST EE FAIR
Detrit Lions/49'ers Football Game @ Tune In. ID as Detroit Lions
Radio Network. Local Northern Michigan Ads at the Break. Also a
Ford Ad.

NEW STN ULR # 776 ULR GY # 76 1 KW
910 WHSM Hayward, WISC. Dec/27/09 1718 EST EE FAIR
ADS @ 1718 EST. PROMO for "WHSM and MAGIC 101 (WHSM-FM) and
the Hurricane Girls Hockey Game" @ 1719 EST.
Into Adult Standards Music..."Easy as Sunday Morning"
and "Something in the way" by the Beatles.

NEW STN ULR # 777 5KW/75 Watts Nights
1150 WEAQ Chippewa Falls, WISC. Dec/27/09 1726 EST EE FAIR
Local Ads for Chippewa Falls. ESPN Promo for "Mike & Mike".
IDs as "ESPN 1150". Into Sports Talk...Football.

RELOG...NEW CALLS ULR # 778 5KW/46 Watts Nights