Eton E-100 serial # confusion. What about this #Eton E-100 serial # confusion #eton


Update on Previous posting)
Just recieved email that serial # of E-100 is E10-0503013967.
Is that a "good" one?


"I well might buy via the web an Eton E-100. Am confused about the
serial number issue. I did read the DXer.CA article: " The Eton E100
revisited - let's bust some myths shall we?", and am still confused.
I need to email seller, so want to find this out.

1) In "newbie" -simple language -what are the "correct "serial #'s,
and what are the "wrong "ones?

2) I may not mod the E-100, so does stock performance suffer if I
buy a right or wrong #?

But, as the ULR bug bitesharder, I think it best to get a "correct"

3) BTW- maybe I should just get a C Crane SWP, but what is the volume
control problem? Can you adjust it real low and in fine increments,
so as not to wake up partner in bed?

Sorry for so many questions, but you guys sure know a LOT!

Thanks in advance,