Oklahoma DX'ing

Kirk Allen <kirk74601@...>

I continue to be amazed when I read reports from you all that have
bagged over 400 or even 500 ULR stations and STILL can find new
stations. Way to go guys, my hat is off!

We now have a full crew of three ULR DX'ers here in northcentral
Oklahoma with the arrival of John B. I sure enjoy comparing notes
with John and Richard A. It really helps! Good luck on the Ross
challenge, John. You'll make it no doubt.

A few more newbies for the ULR log here. Tnx to John and Richard for
pointing out some of these.

1130, KFAN, Minneapolis, MN, 0052, 12/5, "Your home for Vikings
football, KFAN.." G signal.

940, KVSN, Valentine, NE, 0153, 12/5, hrd an oldies song then some
lcl ads, ID.

710, KEEL, Shreveport, LA, 0257, 12/5, Talk show winding up, "KEEL
Shreveport" ID 0300.

810, XEFW, Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico, 0308-0414, 12/5, Hrd mixing
at times with another sta in SS. The QRM'er, which I couldn't ID,
was playing rap crap in SS....oh PLEEEZE! Finally started hearing
some "Radio Estrella" IDs from XEFW. Never hrd call letters, but an
ID at 0414 was, "Radio Estrella...Tampico."

1580, KKKK, Colorado Springs, CO, 0804-0908, 12/5, ABC nx at t/in,
lcl ads. One ad was in SS, but their main programming was in EE.
Clear and loud ID 0900 mentioning what I presume to be a
network, "Rocky Mountain Radio" because the ancr listed 4 or maybe 5
different radio stations in CO. It was probably wise they didn't name
the station with only three K's. Listed night pwr of 62 watts.

1310, KFKA, Greely, CO, 1450-1505, 12/5, tlk show w/ lcl ads
following, ID 1500. I have an old girlfriend that lived in Greely
many long yrs ago.

I've been trying to take advantage of a lot of time on my hands for
DXing, but tomorrow I start my new job, so I won't be buggin' you
guys as much, ha ha.

73's Gents,

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK