GS Ultralight loggings Dec. 2, 2008

Greg Shoom <shoomg@...>

Ultralight loggings for Tues. Dec. 2, 2008. All stations logged from Toronto, ON. Dates and times in UTC.

One more station and one more Canadian province added to the ultralight log. Total ultralight count: 213. Total provinces: 3.

990 CBW MB Winnipeg - 02-Dec-2008 2358 UTC - CBC Radio One. CBC Radio ID with frequency given as 89.3. Promo spot for show "As it Happens" coming up in 30 minutes. CBC Radio news show "The World at Six". Astonishingly strong signal - I listened to it for ten minutes and it came in solid and steady with almost "local" quality for most of that time. Programming one hour behind my local time - i.e., "The World at Six" began at 7 p.m. my local time. 50 kW. Sony SRF-59 (Good).

Greg Shoom