Thanksgiving Night "Almost-Log"

Steve Ponder <n5wbi@...>

Trying to stay awake after getting back home from visiting
relatives in Katy, TX, for a late Thanksgiving meal, I was
tuning around on my barefoot Sangean DT-400W. Wouldn't you
know it? I heard one GREAT new station, but couldn't get
to my notepad and pencil before it was gone! Drats!!

27 Nov 2008
529 kHz LYQ TN Morristown - According to the RNA database,
this beacon is in Morristown, but I remember some
debate on this list about the exact location. Heard
in the null of Cuba's Radio Enciclopedia on 530 kHz
at 11:30 PM CST.

530 kHz CUBA Radio Enciclopedia - Heard at 11:25 PM CST
with easy-listening music. Really hard to stay
awake with this music!!

28 Nov 2008
650 kHz KGAB WY Cheyenne - Unbelievable, but heard three
quick "AM 650 KGAB" ID's in a tight null of regular
powerhouse WSM Nashville at 12:30 AM CST before
going back to "Coast to Coast" feed. Tried to stay
with the station until another ID break, but they
faded out. Drats! No paper or pencil to jot down
the local commercial that was sandwiched between the
quick "AM 650 KGAB" ID's!

I'll be listening again tonight, but we're supposed to have
thunderstorms, so ...


Steve N5WBI
Houston TX