Cubans and Canadians Both Strong

Kirk Allen <kirk74601@...>

Greetings Again,

During the evening of 11/27 and the eve of 11/28, I noted some
exceptional conditions from both Cuba and Canada. All these were new
catches for the ULR log here.

670, R. Rebelde, unknown site, 0435 UTC, 11/27. TWO different Rebelde
transmitters hrd here as a loud echo effect was noted. The stronger
site is presumed to be the Arroyo Arenas site, and as far as I know
the other site hasn't been positively determined from what I've
read. //600,710,5025.

690, R. Progreso, Jovellanos, Matanzas, 0445 UTC, 11/27. //640.

600, R. Rebelde, San German, Holguin, 0500. //710,670,5025.

750, CKJH, Melfort, SK, 0117, 11/28. "CK 750" IDs, sta jingles, lcl

1010, CBR, Calgary, AB, 0327, 11/28. CBC Radio 2 pgms, lcl wx for
Calgary area. Outstanding sig. Hrd also this morning at 1300.

1190, CFSL, Weyborn, SK, 0402, 11/28. Lcl wx, Canadian nx rpts, "AM
1190" references. I think it was this sta playing C&W mx a bit later.

Thanks again to Richard Allen for the tips on a lot of these stations

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK