Overnight loggings


Last night conditions were excellent for long distance medium wave
signal propagation. I should have been DXing on my G313e or R75
communication receivers, but was listening on a E100 instead.

I heard the following new stations:
1520 KSIB Creston IA 2231 UTC under KOKC with country music.
1130 CKWX Vancouver BC CAN 0439 UTC with news and spots for Vancouver
Job Shop. 400th station logged and first from BC. (Thanks to
Kirk Allen for saying he'd heard CKWX the night before.)
774 RNE Spain 0522 UTC with woman speaking in Spanish. TA #2 &
country #9.
1030 KWTO Casper WY 0631 UTC country music with ads for businesses in

Also had a strong het on NE/SW bearing on 1521 kHz at 0144-0152. It
was first noted at 2253 UTC, and was gone by 0310 UTC. I'm sure it's
BSKSA, Duba, and some night I'll hear audio in a KOKC fade.

Heard Hrvatska (Croatia) Radio on 1134 kHZ with a good signal breaking
through the IBOC (HD) noise. It was 100% readable at 2020 UTC.

Did not hear JOUB or JOIB like earlier in the week, although I had a
het on 774 kHz at 1233-1242. There was a het on 972 kHz from 1252
until it faded away at 1303.

All heard on a barefoot, factory aligned Etón E100.

I hope everyone had a good night of DX. Best wishes for a great

Richard Allen
36°22'51"N / 97°26'35"
(near Perry OK)