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Welcome aboard the hobby that making kids out a bunch of old-timers.
It's definitely surprising what can be heard on a tiny receiver like
the SRF-59. Best wishes for many DX catches.

Richard Allen,
36°22'51"N / 97°26'35"W

Greg Shoom <shoomg@...>

Hello all. I'm a new member to this group and I just want to introduce myself.

I've been involved in radio as a hobby on and off since I was twelve, back in 1975. Currently my two main interests are amateur radio and mediumwave DXing. I recently took up ultralight DXing. I bought a Sony SRF-59 last January and promptly logged one new station using it. But I didn't do anything more with it until last month. In early September I logged an outlet of Radio Rebelde in Cuba on 1180 kHz using a Kaito KA-1103. On an impulse, I pulled out my SRF-59 to see if I could hear this Cuban on it too. I was amazed that it was coming in just as well on this little pocket radio as on the 1103. I had also recently been reading about the ultralight awards program in the September issue of the ODXA's Listening In, so I decided to give ultralight DXing a go.

It's now the middle of October and so far I have achieved the following, all on the Sony SRF-59.
Total stations logged: 166.
U.S. states logged: 24.
Countries logged: 3.

Robert Ross and Gary Debock have also issued me the 100 Stations Heard award and the 20 U.S. States Heard award.

I'm now working towards the 200 stations heard award. I recently bought a second ultralight radio, a Sangean DT-400W, but I'm not using it yet. I want to try to get to 200 using only the SRF-59. I'm hoping this group will help with this goal.

Greg Shoom

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$ Toronto, Ontario, Canada