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Allen Willie

 Hi All
First of all , Welcome to John in Madison Wisconsin. Wishing you great Dxing success with that  E100
Developments here in the North  Atlantic  are making Ultralight DXing more interesting all the time . Local station CHVO on 560 khz in  Carbonear/Spaniards Bay has been silent the past couple nights.
They have moved to FM already so  not sure if they are officially gone from AM or not yet, but it has created an interesting spot on the dial for DXing.
With it silent , 550 up to 585 lends itself the opportunity to log new ones. Now maybe i'll have a shot to log once again  my very first long distance station back in 1968, KMON 560 khz Great Falls, Montana,but this time on an ultralight.!
Last night as follows:
555 khz - ZIZ  Radio, Basseterre Nevis St. Kitts   10/10/08  6:45 UTC w/ broadcast in Englsih with BBC World Service News  SRF-39FP barefoot *** NEW ONE ***
558 khz - RNE5 Radio Nacional Espana , Valencia Spain   10/10/08  1:26 UTC w/ spanish commentary, news by man ; RNE ID  SRF-M37V barefoot *** NEW ONE ***
Allen Willie
St. John's, Newfoundland
SRF-M37V / SRF-59 / SRF-39FP

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