Great SUNSET Skip on Ultralights tonight.....3 NEW ONES!!! (Lower Powered!!)

robert ross

Hi Guys:

Well the Calender turned over to OCTOBER...and it's like someone
flipped a switch and turned on the Good DX!! Tonight was a great night for
Lower Powered Sunset Skip at the high end of the band.....and I managed to
log 3 NEW Stations both for the ULR Log and the OVERALL Log!! Tonight
seemed to be an East/West maybe later tonight will be good for
some longer distance stuff in those directions???

Radio used for these receptions is.................SONY SRF-T615 Barefoot

Ultralight Log Total is now...................493 Stations Heard


1540 WSIV East Syracuse, NY OCT/01/08 1810 EDT EE GOOD
Female DJ with Community Events (Religious Events) at Churches etc. from
1810-1813 EDT. Then she said "That's what's happening in the great city of
Syracuse and surrounding area". ID given by Male DJ as "WSIV". Into GOSPEL

NEW STN NEW ULR # 491 1 KW/57 Watts Nights
1600 WPDC Elizabethtown, PA. OCT/01/08 1820 EDT EE GOOD
"Sports Radio 1600 WPDC" IDs @ 1820 EDT. Ad String. Also ID's as
"Sporting News Radio". Into Sports Talk.

NEW STN NEW ULR # 492 500 Watts/79 Watts Nights
1590 WGBW Two Rivers, WISC. OCT/01/08 1833 EDT EE GOOD
ID by Male DJ as "This is WGBW". Into LDIES Music. Another ID as
"WGBW AM 1590". Back to OLDIES Music.

NEW STN NEW ULR # 493 1 KW/33 Watts Nights

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