Congratulations Richard on JOUB 774 heard in Oklahoma on barefoot SRF-T615 !


Thanks everyone for the kind words. I mention that when I was an
active DXer in 1980's, JOUB the easiest trans-oceanic station to hear
here. At no time did I used anything more than an amplified ferrite
loop antenna. I may simply live in the right place for hearing JOUB.
Hearing European medium wave stations has always been a greater

I did post a bit of the JOUB audio from this morning under with the
name "081001_1054_JOUB774_T615_000c.mp3" in the files section.

Again, thanks everybody. Best wishes for good DX tonight.

Richard Allen,

Allen Willie

JOUB 774 heard in Oklahoma on barefoot SRF-T615
Wow what a feat barefoot !!  CONGRATULATIONS RICHARD  !! 
 I knew it was only a matter of time before the current distance records started to tumble. 
My previous  barefoot record for Djibouti  at 9,504 kms was a thrill  to accomplish,  but Japan from Oklahoma , that is AWESOME !  What an accomplishment Richard, that definitely shows everyone out there what these little marvels are capable of.
Allen Willie
St. John's, Newfoundland

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