Modified E100 heard 774 Japan TP today from NE Oregon

Steve Ratzlaff <steveratz@...>

I'm a recent subscriber to the list. I'm not much of a domestic MW DXer but like to try for TPs from my inland NE Oregon location. I do hear the occasional signal with my tabletop receivers. I recently obtained an E100 and have just done the narrow filter mod and added an external antenna connector. Connected to my outside longwire antenna with a pot adjusted to stop the overloading, 774 Japan was heard this morning on the E100. I've uploaded an audio clip to the Files area, labeled "774 Japan on E100". It's not very good but has several seconds of clear JJ audio. Best results with the narrow filter are by off-tuning up or down 1 kHz; in this case I was tuned to 773.
Steve Ratzlaff
NE Oregon