who is SS on 1460??

Tim Davisson

Can anybody tell me who is the station on 1460 with Spanish language

Have heard it at sunrise/sunset a bunch of times...often dominant on
the frequency, but just can't catch the calls or even a city in any

I live in northeastern Ohio...so it's probably within 500 miles, I'd

Anybody have a guess? Rob in Ontario? Anybody who lives on the east
coast/midwest who might have an idea?


Tim, KD8GZ
near Akron, Ohio

Brett Saylor <bds2@...>

robert ross

Brett Saylor wrote:

I frequently hear WKDV Manassa VA in Spanish - they are 5kW day & night power, so that's a good possibility for you. They often ID at the top of the hour, if you can catch it.

Brett Saylor
Central PA                                                                                                                    

Yes...that is who I hear up here in Ontario as well Tim. I also hear them at SUNSET quite often and they blast in  here pretty good!! I believe they us they use the SLOGAN "La Caliente" quite often..which I believe means "HOT" in Spanish??


Robert Ross VA3SW
London, Ontario CANADA