Great Morning for TP's; Modified E100 Receives TP #41

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     With great propagation to Asia this morning, the 7.5" Slider loopstick E100 managed to receive JOQR-1134 and China-1062 (Zhujiang EBS), for TP's #40 and #41.  This compact modified Ultralight has been a total blast here so far this season, having DX performance way out of proportion to its size.  This makes it competitive even in a place like Puyallup, WA--  hardly a choice location for TP DX.
     The Slider loopstick modification is very easy to make, with only two highly accessible connections to make on the back circuit board.  The Murata CFJ455K5 IF filter installation probably requires some detailed circuit board soldering experience, however.  The technical articles for both of these modifications should appear in the AM-DX club bulletins shortly.
     I wish you all could have this much DX fun!  It's time to apply for John's "Master Ultralight TP DXer" award  :>)
     73,  Gary DeBock 

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