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That's great news! At first I was disappointed with mine but after a
couple of sessions it seemed to improve and now except for the audio
quality from the speaker I'm very happy with mine. Maybe they need a
little break in time.


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I may have been a bit premature in my judgment of my E100. Today I
took it
with me to lunch at a place I know is a huge challenge for radio
I eat at this restaurant about once a week and there are only a couple
tables in the whole place where my DT200V can get a listenable
signal, and
that only on two stations and with the radio very precisely aligned
to null
out the local noise and maximize the signal. I don't know if it's
the two
plasma TVs, the neon signs, some equipment they have in the kitchen,
or all
of the above, but this place is just loaded with noise.

The E100 gave me a very listenable signal on both of the usual
stations and
a noisy but clearly there signal on another local I sometimes listen
to. I
didn't take the DT200V in with me to do a head-to-head comparison.
I've been
going to this place for almost a year and it has always had the same
so I doubt it suddenly got that much less of an issue today. That third
station is absolutely not receivable on the DT200V inside this

Also, I flipped on the KA-2100 this morning and tuned to that local
that has been an issue with the E100. The KA-2100 had the same
problem, possibly even worse than the E100.

Maybe the accolades caused me to have unrealistic expectations.

-- Jay