ULr anniversary coming up

Gary DeBock

Kevin, Colin and Others,
     Kevin Schanilec is indeed the father of the "Ultralight Radio" moniker, and deserves full credit for the term.  Around December 8th of last year, we had some discussion on the IRCA list reflector, and Kevin's "Ultralight Radio" suggestion was chosen over some other terms ("pocket rocket," "tiny tuners,", "mighty mites," etc.)
     For anyone interested in how this phenomena literally exploded in popularity late last year, here is a basic chronology:
Nov..20, 2007:   JOIB-747 and JOAK-594 were received on a new stock SRF-59 here in Puyallup, WA
Nov. 20, 2007    Post concerning the TP receptions on the SRF-59 was accidentally sent to Colin Newell
Nov. 23, 2007    HLCA-972 received on stock SRF-59 here in Puyallup, WA
Nov. 24, 2007    Colin Newell suggests a full review be written for the SRF-59;  I gladly agree
Nov. 28, 2007    SRF-59 review posted on DXer.ca;  SRF-59 and other Ultralights purchased in droves
Dec. 6, 2007     SRF-59 review published in IRCA DX Monitor's Technical Column by Nick Hall-Patch
Dec.8, 2007      "Ultralight Radio" name chosen by general consensus
Dec.10, 2007    "Round One" Shootout models (SRF-M37V, DT-200VX, and ICF-S10 Mk2) ordered
Dec.20, 2007    In appreciation of Canadian support, 7 free SRF-59 samples sent to Canadians
Dec.27, 2007    Rob Ross of London, Ontario receives his SRF-59;  logs over 300 stations in 30 days!
Dec.28, 2007    "Round One" Shootout posted on DXer.ca
Jan.1, 2008      SRF-59 review published in Medium Wave Circle's MWN
     The early days of Ultralight Radio were wildly enthusiastic, and the phenomena was so sudden and explosive that those of us like Kevin, Colin, Gil Stacy, Dennis Vroom, John Bryant and many others will probably remember it for a long time!
     73, Gary  

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