E100 Selectivity

Gary DeBock

Hello Jay and Others,
     Jay, I would have to agree with all the other comments concerning the typical selectivity of the Eton E100.  If you compare your new E100's selectivity with that of any other Ultralight radio model and find it disappointing, you probably have a lemon.
     Comparing the selectivity of the stock E100 with that of the Sony ICF-S5W may be interesting, but the Ultralight models are by definition "consumer radios," and the ICF-S5W was obviously designed for a more demanding AM-DXing mission. In comparison to all other Ultralight radios, a non-defective E100 should be the clear winner in selectivity.
     Sensitivity, however, can be all over the map with a factory-aligned E100.  I have actually never seen two E100 models which were identical in sensitivity straight from the factory, and I have aligned about 10 of them. Even after alignment, the units still have differing levels of low-band sensitivity.  If was the major factor that led our experimental group to ditch the stock loopstick, and create the new monster "Slider" models.
     73, Gary    

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