my ultra-light stats

Tim Davisson

After 3 weeks of very casual listening on my little SRF-59 I have:

92 stations heard
23 states
3 provinces

Among what I consider the better catches:

* 940 KPSZ Des Moines, IA
*1350 WOYK York, PA (I have a local on 1350)
*1150 WIMA Lima, OH (I have a local on 1150)
*1450 WDAD Indiana, PA (2 stations on freq w/in 50 miles)
* 930 WHON Centerville, IN (a semi-local on 930)
*1420 WCED Du Bois, PA (I have a local on 1420)
* 850 KOA Denver, CO (I have a local on 850)
*1110 KFAB Omaha, NE (I have a 50kw local on 1100)

Outstanding nulling is what I consider to be by far the little SPR-
59's best feature. In AM DXing to me that's the most-important
feature for a stock AM portable with an unmodified internal antenna.

Happy weekend DXing guys!


Tim, KD8GZ
Norton, Ohio (near Akron)