New to group

Rick Pavelko


Heard Tim talking you up on 2 meters the other nite. He made it sound
so good I had to come check things out! I'm a General class ham with no
room for permanent antennas. So I spend a lot of time listening to my
Grundig YB-400. Does pretty good on MW. I'm gonna check out the Sony
radios soon as I get a chance!


Gary DeBock

Hello Rick,
     Welcome to our Ultralight Radio group, and thanks to Tim for motivating you to join.
     Most of us have some connection to the ham world--  I am N7EKX, previously a CW QRP fanatic who discovered that chasing TP's with AM-DX pocket radios is just as much fun as working Japan with 2 watts QRP.  The concept is booming throughout the AM-DX world, and we are happy to have you in our group as we enter our first full DX season!  Have fun, and please check out the files and resources posted on for a superb introduction to our niche hobby.
     73, Gary DeBock