Gary: "alignment"??

Tim Davisson

OK...I'll make myself look stupid. But, I want to know the answer,
LOL, hi, hi:

Gary...when you say you "aligned" a radio...what do you mean? Align
the dial so the frequencies of the stations heard line up with the
painted dial numbers?

Some how, I don't think that's it. What's inside a solid state radio
otherwise that needs alignment?

Yep...I feel really dumb, but want to know. Thanks.


Tim, KD8GZ
Norton, Ohio

P.S.: Oh, yes...for sure I'm buying another SRF-59 when I can find
one in a local store. Never thought the "scratchy" problem in my 1st
SRF-59 is worth fixing. And, it only effects 530-640...last time I
used it. FM works fine, so I assume the problem is AM only?????

Gary DeBock

Hi Tim,
     Alignment of the SRF-59 (or any portable) involves these steps:
1)  Ensure standard frequency coverage of 520- 1750 kHz, and ensure that the tuner's 530 kHz position matches that of the dial needle.  If necessary, tweak the necessary components (trimmer on the tuner and slug in the circuit board's AM transformer) to provide necessary coverage and/or dial needle matching.  
2)  Peak the low-band sensitivity by sliding the smaller loopstick coil along the ferrite bar, to maximize the signal from a weak station anywhere from 570- 630 kHz.
3)  Peak the high-band sensitivity by adjusting the 1400 kHz trimmer cap on the tuner, to maximize the signal from a weak station anywhere from 1360-1440 kHz.
4)  Reassemble the radio, and check the high and low-band sensitivity against a radio known to be very sensitive.  If sensitivity is comparable to the test radio, the procedure is a success, and maximum DXing fun is guaranteed!
     73,  Gary