Modified E100 Ultralight TP Loggings to Date

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     Very shortly a series of articles will appear in the AM-DX club bulletins giving full details on the work of three Washington state experimenters (John Bryant, Guy Atkins and myself) to create a modified Ultralight radio with unprecedented sensitivity and selectivity.  This radically transformed E100 has already thrilled us with amazing TP and DU receptions, both with the new Slider loopsticks (40/44 Litz wire wound on movable coils, shifting along a ferrite bar to peak DX signals), and an extremely effective Murata CFJ455K5 narrow IF
filter, providing razor-sharp selectivity.  John has also succeeded in adding an inductive coupling loop to the stock ferrite bar, providing a method for transferring external antenna DX signals through a simple plug-in jack.
     In my own personal experience, this modified E100 can easily outperform any stock portable on the planet (ICF-2010, E1, etc.). Easily!
     To give an indication of what it can accomplish, here is a list of the loggings made on this DX-chasing monster, both in Grayland and Puyallup, WA.  All these were using the 7.5" Slider loopstick and CFJ455K5 narrow filter:
  STATION            LOCATION                 DATE             UTC TIME     DX VENUE
558  JOCR           Kobe, Japan               9-6-08                1310           Puyallup
567  JOIK**          Sapporo, Japan           6-29-08              1145           Grayland
       2YA             Wellington, N.Z.          6-30-08               1235           Grayland
594  JOAK**        Tokyo, Japan              6-29-08               1144           Grayland
612  4QR             Brisbane, Australia     6-29-08               1233           Grayland
639  R. Fiji           Lautoka, Fiji               7-31-08               1230           Grayland
648  VOR            Razdolnoye, Russia    9-3-08                1312           Puyallup
657  N.Korea       Pyongyang, N.K.         9-3-08                1305          Puyallup
       2YC             Wellington, N.Z.          8-1-08                1245          Grayland
666  JOBK          Osaka, Japan              9-6-08                1309           Puyallup
670  KPUA          Hilo, Hawaii                7-31-08               1300          Grayland
693  JOAB**        Tokyo, Japan              9-6-08                1304          Puyallup
702  2BL             Sydney, Australia        7-9-08                1212           Grayland
738  2NR**          Grafton, Australia        7-9-08                 1220          Grayland
       BEL2           Penghu, Taiwan          8-29-08                1305          Grayland
747  JOIB**         Sapporo, Japan           6-29-08               1142          Grayland
760  KGU           Honolulu, Hawaii         8-1-08                 1300          Grayland
774  JOUB**        Akita, Japan               6-29-08               1136          Grayland
       3LO             Melbourne, Australia    7-9-08                1221          Grayland
828  JOBB**        Osaka, Japan             6-29-08               1139          Grayland
891  5AN             Adelaide, Australia     6-30-08               1233          Grayland
963  CRI              Unknown, China          8-29-08               1309          Grayland
972  HLCA**        Dangjin, S. Korea        8-29-08               1312          Grayland
1017  A3Z            Nuku'alofa, Tonga       7-31-08                1225          Grayland
1035  2ZB            Wellington, N.Z.         7-31-08                1240          Grayland
1053  JOAR         Nagoya, Japan            9-3-08                 1314          Puyallup
1287  JOHR         Sapporo, Japan           6-29-08               1139          Grayland
1566  HLAZ**       Jeju, S. Korea             8-29-08               1252          Grayland
1575  VOA**        Ban Rasom, Thailand  8-29-08               1257          Grayland
1593  CRI            Changzhou, China      8-29-08               1249          Grayland
** Indicates logging was also made on a stock ULR at Grayland (SRF-T615 prior to 8-28, thereafter the new Sangean DT-400W.
     Total TP loggings on modified E100:  30 stations, 12 DX Countries...  and a lot of FUN!
     When the articles appear teaching you exactly how to transform your modest E100 into an outrageously effective DXing sensation, I hope you all will take advantage of this chance for a supremely exciting DX season.
     73,  Gary DeBock