A better Sony SRF-M37V?

Dennis Gibson <wb6tnb@...>

I just found a couple of radios that I'd forgotten I owned. One is a
Sony SRF-M80V. It's the predecessor of the Sony SRF-M85V, which is in
the turkey farm; it's described as cute but deaf.

This is cute too but definitely not deaf. It's as sensitive as my
DeBock souped-up SRF-59! It's not as selective but I wouldn't call it
barn-door selectivity like the SRF-M37V. I have three AM's one mile
away all using the same tower; seeing three STL antennas on one tower
is weird. All are 1 KW or less and non-directional. It behaves less
well around them than almost all of my non ultralight radios. I'll
have to get it a few miles away from them and see what happens. It
also has TV sound for all the good that will do in about six months,
FM and the weather band.

The other is also in the turkey farm but it deserves to be there. It's
the Sangean DT-110. It's described as "Xin and Amazon say Turkey".
Dennis says turkey too. It's fairly numb and has barn-door
selectivity. Local AM's sound great through good headphones. The only
good part is that it was free. I got it free at the Discovery Channel
store when I spent more than $50.00. It has the Discovery Channel logo
on it.

Does anybody here have both an Eton E100 (the old version) and E10? I
think my refurbished E10 should do better on MW. It's great on SW. At
least I only paid $30.00 for it. Everyone's description of how
sensitive the E100 is sounds better than my E10 is. The Sony SRF-M80V
leaves it at the starting line.

73 de WB6TNB

--- In ultralightdx@..., D1028Gary@... wrote:

Hi Kevin,

The Sony SRF-M37V is indeed a puzzle-- an Ultralight with fairly
decent sensitivity but barn-door selectivity, in stock form. Allen
Willie in
Newfoundland has used it to receive more new TA countries than all
Ultralight DXers combined, but for most of us, it's just not as
competitive as an
SRF-T615, E100 or DT-200VX.

During a recent visit to Oregon, I noticed the new SRF-M37W
model for
sale at a Fred Meyer, so I picked up one for the Ultralight Summertime
Shootout. It looks almost identical to the SRF-M37V, but the TV
audio coverage has
been replaced by weather band coverage (like the DT-200VX and
Price was $34.95, like the old SRF-M37V. It hasn't been tested out
yet, but if
Sony improves the AM IF filter in this new model, it would make a huge
difference for us (even though it's probably wishful thinking).

The 450 kHz IF of the model makes some decent filter
possible (as you and Jim have experienced), but the E100's 1 kHz
tuning steps
provide a huge advantage for 9 kHz split-frequency DXing, to chase
TP's and
TA's. The 455 kHz IF of the E100 also makes installation of some
VERY effective
IF filters possible, such as the Murata CFJ455K5 ceramic filter.

Your modified SRF-M37V's would make a very interesting project
for a
large loopstick transplant, Kevin. We have discovered that whenever a
selectivity boost is combined with a major sensitivity boost, an
Ultralight suddenly
becomes an Ultra-effective DX chaser.

73, Gary