Warning: DT-400W AM Alignment NOT Like the DT-200VX

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     When performing a routine AM alignment on the new Sangean DT-400W unit in preparation for the Summertime Shootout, it was discovered that the 1400 kHz trimmer and AM IF transformer have been relocated to an almost inaccessible position under the digital circuit board.
     Whereas previously these adjustments were barely possible on the DT-200VX either by desoldering the speaker wires (or rotating the front panel while pulling all available slack from the speaker wires), the only current option is to run about 14 jumpers from the RF board to the digital circuit board, thereby providing both digital and RF functions while the technician separates these boards to provide enough space to make the alignment adjustments.  This assumes that the technician will not induce alignment errors because of the RF jumpers acting like stray "antennas."  For all practical purposes, this makes high-band (and IF transformer) alignment of the DT-400W a technical boondoggle which should be avoided.
     The loopstick may still be easily peaked for low-band sensitivity, and this adjustment is recommended for a moderate (in my test unit) boost in low-band performance.  For a design which already had a reputation for suffering from limited AM sensitivity bandwidth (enabling the technician to either peak low band or high band), however, this new design of the DT-400W may well condemn it to mediocrity in high-band DX performance. 
73,  Gary DeBock

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