BIG OOPS!!! Over !00 Ultralight Awards Conferred!



I knew when I saw the an award for six provinces someone had been left
of the list. I was just about to send you an email. Maybe some day,
but to date I've only heard six Canadian stations with an ULR, half in

Good DX everyone.

Richard Allen.

John H. Bryant <bjohnorcas@...>

In a very kind way, Rob Ross let me know that I had run his awards together with Richard Allens and compounded the error by leaving Rob's name out entirely!!!

We both are smiling at the thought of Richard wandering around north central Oklahoma mumbling to himself, trying to figure out how he got all those awards that he didn't even apply for!

My apologies to all parties, including the mailing list for making you deal with multiple versions of this compilation. The version below, in blue, has been corrected.

John Bryant
Wandering Around Orcas Island, Confused as Usual!

Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2008 06:38:19 -0700
To: ultralightdx@...
From: "John H. Bryant"
Subject: Over !00 Ultralight Awards Conferred!

 As you may recall, the Ultralight Awards Committee and Gary DeBock previously announced four Founder's Awards to Paul Logan, Robert Ross, Dennis Vroom and Allen Willie for their unique contributions to the Ultralight DXing hobby. Following those special awards, on July 15th, the Awards Committee announced the general Awards Program for Ultralight MW DXing.

In the first several weeks have conferred an even 100 awards on some of the outstanding DXers in the hobby.  These remarkable achievements have been accomplished using entertainment grade shirt pocket portable radios. You will note that there are two radio classes listed: Barefoot, connoting DX achievements accomplished by a totally unmodified radio unassisted by any external antenna or other device. The Unlimited Class radios are Ultralight receivers that have been modified in some rather limited ways or have been attached to larger, more complex antennas and, possibly other peripheral devices. In either radio class, the accomplishments recognized below are outstanding, and many would be classed as "unbelievable" before the development of the Ultralight segment of the Medium Wave DXing hobby. There are separate groups of awards and separate serial number series for the two Ultralight radio classes.

Congratulations to all those Ultralighters listed below: 

DXer              Radio Class         Award                      Serial Number
Allen Willie    Barefoot  Canadian Prov. Heard: 4      0001
                                         Canadian Prov. Heard: 6      0001
                                         Continents Heard: 3             0001
                                         Continents Heard: 4             0001
                                         Continents Heard: 5             0001
                                         Countries Heard: 05             0001
                                         Countries Heard: 10             0001
                                         Countries Heard: 15             0001
                                         Countries Heard: 20             0001
                                         Countries Heard: 25             0001
                                         Countries Heard: 30             0001
                                         Countries Heard: 35             0001
                                         Countries Heard: 40             0001
                                         Countries Heard: 45             0001
                                         Countries Heard: 50             0001
                                         Master Dxer: Canadian Prov 0001
                                         Master DXer: International    0001
                                         Master Dxer: Trans-Atlantic 0001
                                         Ross Challenge: 07 Day       0003
                                         Stations Heard: 100              0002
                                         Stations Heard: 200              0002
                                         Trans-Atlantic DXer               0001                                        
                                         TA Stations Heard: 10           0001
                                         TA Stations Heard: 20           0001
                                         TA Stations Heard: 25           0001
                                         TA Stations Heard: 30           0001
                                         TA Stations Heard: 40           0001
                                         TA Stations Heard: 45           0001
                                         TA Stations Heard: 50           0001
                                         TA Stations Heard: 60           0001
                                         TA Stations Heard: 70           0001
                                         TA Stations Heard: 80           0001
                                         TA Stations Heard: 90           0001
                                         TA Stations Heard: 100         0001
                                         TA Stations Heard: 110         0001
                                         TA Stations Heard: 120         0001
                                         TA Stations Heard: 130         0001
                                         US States Heard: 10             0002
                                         US States Heard: 20             0002

Dennis Vroom   Unlimited  Countries Heard: 05        0002

Gary DeBock Barefoot  Trans-Pacific Dxer               0001
Gary DeBock Unlimited Trans-Pacific Dxer               0001

Gil Stacy Barefoot          Countries Heard: 05            0004
                                          Latin AM DXer 05                 0002
Gil Stacy Unlimited         Countries Heard: 10            0002
                                          Latin Stations Heard: 10      0001

Guy Atkins Unlimited     Continents Heard: 03           0002
                                          Countries Heard: 05            0003
                                          Trans-Pacific Dxer              0003
                                          TP Stations Heard: 10         0002

John Bryant Unlimited  Continents Heard: 03           0001
                                         Countries Heard: 05             0001
                                         Countries Heard: 10             0001
                                         Latin AM DXer (05)               0001
                                        Trans-Pacific Dxer                0004
                                        TP Stations Heard: 10           0001
                                        TP Stations Heard: 20           0001
                                        US States Heard: 10             0001

John Cereghin Unlimited Stations Heard: 100         0001
                                         US States Heard: 10            0001
                                         US States Heard: 20            0001

Lorne Harnum Barefoot Canadian Prov. Heard: 4    0003
                                         Continents Heard: 3             0002
                                         Continents Heard: 4             0002
                                         Countries Heard: 05             0003
                                         Countries Heard: 10             0002
                                         Countries Heard: 15             0002
                                         Countries Heard: 20             0002
                                         Trans-Atlantic Dxer              0002
                                         TA Stations Heard: 10          0002
                                         TA Stations Heard: 20          0002
                                         TA Stations Heard: 30          0002
                                         TA Stations Heard: 35          0002
                                         TA Stations Heard: 40          0002
                                         TA Stations Heard: 45          0002

Richard Allen Barefoot Latin AM DXer 05                  0003
                                         Latin Stations Heard 10        0002
                                         Latin Stations Heard 20        0002
                                         Stations Heard: 100              0003
                                         Stations Heard: 200              0003

 Rob Ross Barefoot      Canadian Prov. Heard: 4      0002
                                         Canadian Prov. Heard: 6      0002
                                         Countries Heard: 05             0002
                                         Latin AM DXer (05)               0001
                                         Latin Stations Heard 10        0001
                                         Latin Stations Heard 20        0001
                                         Latin Stations Heard 25        0001
                                         Latin Stations Heard 30        0001
                                         Master Dxer: Canadian Prov. 0002
                                         Ross Challenge: 07 Day      0001
                                         Ross Challenge: 30 Day      0001
                                         Stations Heard: 100              0001
                                         Stations Heard: 200              0001
                                         Stations Heard: 300              0001
                                         Stations Heard: 400              0001
                                         US States Heard: 10             0001
                                         US States Heard: 20             0001
                                         US States Heard: 25             0001
                                         US States Heard: 30             0001

One of the reasons for the very large number of awards is that all DXers making award submittals were conferred awards as if the awards program was in effect from the beginning of the Ultralight movement. For instance, Rob Ross, whose station count is nearing 500, received awards for !00, 200, 300 and 400 Stations Heard. This retroactive policy will continue in effect for DXers who have not yet submitted their loggings. It should also be noted that several DXers in the list above have yet to make submittals for the majority of awards that are their due. 

Information on Ultralight DXing in general and the Awards Program in particular is available from the Ultralight Files area of Awards submittals go to Rob Ross of the Committee at va3sw@...

Our hearty congratulations to all the Ultralighters listed above. Bravo and Well Done!

John H. Bryant
for the
Ultralight Awards Committee
Gary DeBock, Rob Ross, John Bryant