EBay Seller Confirms-- No More SRF-39FP "Prison Radios"

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     Those of you fortunate enough to have obtained a new Sony SRF-39FP  "Prison Radio" can consider yourselves lucky.  Greg Stanbury, the Florida seller responsible for providing almost all of the SRF-39FP's on eBay, has now confirmed that they are all gone.
     Undoubtedly the most popular analog DXing Ultralight, the "Prison Radio" holds many of the Ultralight DXing records, and was extensively modified with huge loopsticks, a digital frequency readout, vernier tuning dials, etc.  It was especially popular in Canada, where the eBay seller himself refused to ship.  Because of phenomenal Canadian support for the Ultralight Radio program, many units made it across the border anyway.
     Although most current DXer experimentation is on the E100 model (another popular Ultralight model facing an uncertain future), the SRF-39FP will certainly continue to be popular for mofication, as well as for stock DXing.  Enjoy it either way, for it's a true classic.
     73,  Gary 

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