NEW ULTRALIGHT Logging.....WPGR 1510 ..Listed as 1 Watt Nights ???

robert ross

Hi Guys:

One New Ultralight Logging this morning.....New for ULR LOG but last
heard on Sept/22/1981 during a test when this station was a 250 Watt
DAYTIME only station!!

Station is listed as being only 1 WATT NIGHTS........5 KW DAYS.........not
very strong here this morning......but not sure if they are indeed using
only 1 WATT??? Been 27 Years since I last heard this station...and I am
less than 200 Miles from it!! Callsign was WPSL when last logged in 1981,
on a Radio Shack TRF Portable.

ULTRALIGHT Station # 455 Logged.

1510 WPGR Monroeville, PA. July/28/08 0125 EDT EE FAIR
Heard in WLAC Null. Male DJ with Gospel Talk. ID as "Pittsburgh's Gospel Radio
1510 WPGR". and "Inspiration thru the Gospel 1510 WPGR". Station Promos.
Into Instrumental Gospel Music.

RELOG But New to Ultralight Log EX WPSL 5 KW/1 WATT NIGHTS!!


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