Added Photo Album of My Ultralight Radios

Gary DeBock

Hi Steve,
     Thanks for adding the photos of your Ultralight collection (SRF-59, SRF-M37V, DT-200V, and DT-400W) to the group photo site.  Also, welcome to the Ultralight radio DXer group, and we are happy to have you as part of our innovative team!
     I also have a few Ultralights, but will refrain from taking a group collection photo, as it would probably look like an store room  :>)
                                                              73,  Gary DeBock 

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Steve Ponder N5WBI <n5wbi@...>

I added a photo album yesterday of some of my ultralight
radios. It includes photos I took of my new Sangean DT-400W.

I included some of the DT-400W alongside the older DT-200V
and the Sony SRF-59 and Sony SRF-M37V for size comparison.

Sorry for the focus issues. My photography skills have never
been good. Should have used a tripod!

73 & Great DX'ing!

Steve N5WBI
Houston TX