Eton E 100 FM Tropo Loggings

Norbert 26 <starship_2001@...>

Subject: New Loggings 6/30/08
Date: Monday, June 30, 2008 2:57 PM

 All heard on eton e-100 barefoot at Conimecuit Point Park Warick R.I. 6/30/08.

Opening Notes: arrived at park for start of session at 7 AM EDT left at 1 PM ET however at about 10 AM EDT the FM band closed and all tropo ceased . Upon arrival at 7 AM a MW band scan showed 1560 WQEW still fading up 2 hours after LSR . 1500 out of CT (the one carrying religion) was also coming in decent !!!! a weak 1520 WIZZ (other side of worcestor near NH somewhere) also punching thru weakly unusaul in mid summer. It was then onto the FM band. about 8:30 AM EDT the NH's 94.9 WHOM 97.5 country and 101.1 and a tad later 107.5 portland maine dropped in for a visit. all are relogs. also WALK was again heard briefly for a relogging. the CT stations ere poking thru as well all relogs.
there are some NEW loggings that were had just before the band closed up tight. It did not reopen after it closed.

New Loggings:

106.1 WBLI Long Island NY 9:15 AM EDT hip hop song ending then ided WBLI 106.1 6/30/08

102.9 WBLM Portland Maine 9:00 AM EDT TOH ID WBLM 102.9 and WBLM HD . (Might be relog from grundig mini 300 earlier this year) 6/30/08

98.7 WMAS Springfield MA 9:50 AM EDT caught an id wmas 98.7 as bnd was getting ready to close. 6/30/08

Subject: New Loggings 6/28/08
Date: Saturday, June 28, 2008 12:08 PM

Heard on Eton E-100 at Conimcuit Point Park Warwick R.I. 6/28/08.

100.5 WRCH New Britian CT 7:55 AM EDT wrch 100.5 lite 100 your place to relax followed by news 6/28/08

107.9 WEBE Westport CT 10:16 AM EDT played sexual healing then another song then mentioned call 1-800-WEBE108 tell us where you are and visit Very interesting logging it knocked out WXKS 107.9 Medford MA !!!! 6/28/08   

Subject: New Loggings 6/27/08 New record set
Date: Friday, June 27, 2008 12:48 PM

heard on eton e-100 barefoot at Conimecuit Point Park Warwick R.I. . New record was set today on number of DX stations heard during single DX session. Yes the DX gods were smiling !!!!

Opening Notes: the following were heard however they are all kaito 1103 relogs from summer '06 and ETON e-100 at the park last few weeks summer '08......... WHOM 94.9 MT Washington NH , WKCQ 97.5 NH ,WGIR 1011 NH . these were heard early in the session around 9 AM EDT 6/27/08. of course this wouldn't be complete without frank FM 107.5 Portland Maine  pounding in... Kaito 1103 (summer '06) and Eton E-100 relogs 100.9 , 105.5, 106.5 and 107..7 were also heard from CT (Groton New London market areas). But it doesn't end here yet. below are several NEW loggings.   
106.9 WCCC Hartford CT 9:24 AM EDT gave calls 106.9 WCCC then an ad. 6/27/08

98.7 WNLC East Lyme CT.  9:45 AM EDT said 98.7 WNLC classic hits. (May be a Kaito 1103 relog summer '06). 6/27/08

97.5 WALK Long Island NY 9:55AM EDT 97.5 long islnds greatest variery walk  6/27/08

102.9 WDRC Hartford CT 10:09 AM EDT hartfords best (something) then played house of rising sun followed by jackie blues at some point gave calls as well. 6/27/08

105.9 WHNC Hartford CT  10:30 AM EDT 105.9 fm the river followed by old time rock and roll 6/27/08 
FM Tropo logs all heard on a stock eton e-100 .
Subject: New Loggings 6/25/08 REPOST
Date: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 1:47 PM

the first time looks like yahoo broke it up im retrying by direct email.

Heard at Conimcuit Point park Warwick R.I. All notes also heard at same location.

First these Notes:
WHOM 94..9 NH 97.5 (country) NH and frank FM 107.5 Portland Maine all made honorable vistits this AM (all relogs). The NH opening which also has a new logging was open when i arrived about 9:20 AM. started closing after 10 EXCEPT for frank FM 107.5. more on that later.  below are NEW Loggings.....

101.1 WGIR Manchester N.H. 9:44 am EDT the buzz is on rock 101 and rock101fm dot com. was an ad block later with ads NH area. 6/25/08 excellant signal at opening height.

100.9 WKNL New London CT 11:00 am EDT caught entire ID WKNL New London CT..... fair signal proberly water path enhancement.

Final Note: a bit after 11 AM noted frank 107.5 FM Portland Maine (relog) swapping channel with WFCC Cape Cod. The NH opening had closed by this time. I got a stable portland signal for a few minutes and noted this . moving away from the park bench i was sitting on more then two feet in any direction and portland was gone you must sit on the bench and tilt radio forward 45 degree angle due south for best 107.5 portland reception. th same was noted at time of original Portland 107.5 logging at same location.