FM comparison between E-100 and 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix car radio

Carl DeWhitt

This evening, following a picnic at the local lake,(Lake Ponca),i sat
in our Pontiac and did a comparison between the car radio and the
E-100 on FM.The E-100 heard almost every station that the car radio
could except one.Not bad as in excess of 60 stations were heard.Some
of the stations were heard better on the car radio but most were heard
as well on the E-100. On some stations,i had to off tune the E-100 to
hear the station but most of them i did not.Of course the Pontiac car
radio has the advantage of having the RDS to help identify
stations.Sony,Sangean,Eton or some other manufacturer ought to
incorporate this into an ultralight radio.An E-100 with RDS ? That
would be sweet ! I wonder if there is an outboard RDS unit that could
be added to one ?I did not have the time this evening to test the car
radio vs. the E-100 on AM.That will be for an upcoming test.