Possible Contenders for the Ultralight Radio Summertim...

Gary DeBock

Hello Carl,
     Although I am not a member of the Ultralight Definitions Committee, their definition guidelines for Ultralight radios affect all of the activities of the Ultralight enthusiast group, including the upcoming 2008 Summertime Shootout. 
     You are correct in that radios with built-in mp3 players, cassette recorders or other peripheral devices are not currently being considered as qualified Ultralight radios, as defined by the Committee.  As such, the contenders in the Summertime Shootout will not include such "combo units."
     However, externally connected audio recorders are perfectly acceptable for any Ultralight radio, as well as externally connected speakers, batteries, antennas, etc.  Such external attachments may place the radio in a "modified" (non-stock) status for competitive purposes, but will not affect the qualification status of the attached Ultralight radio.
     Thank you for your question, and for your interest in the upcoming Summertime Shootout.
                                                                                           73,  Gary

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