Ultralight Radio Summertime Shootout

Gary DeBock

Hello All,
     Prompted by many requests for a comparison of the Eton E100 with other top Ultralight radios, and also the interest of many DXers in the new Sangean DT-400W model, a full review of these and other pocket radios is scheduled for this summer.
     The other contenders (already on hand) are the Sony SRF-M97, and the Sony SRF-S84.  If any AM-DXers would like to suggest other pocket radios for consideration, please do so without delay.  As in previous shootouts, "contenders" should have competitive AM sensitivity and selectivity, and are subject to elimination before the competition, should they fail to perform at an acceptable level.
     Following the format of the January 2008 Shootout, the top surviving contenders from the previous competition (the SRF-59/39FP, SRF-T615, DT-200VX, DT-210V and SRF-M37V) will be judged against the current contenders during the live signal competition, for ultimate Ultralight DXing glory.
     A very extensive record of quality control data (and modification potential) has been collected since the January shootout, so this additional information should prove very useful to any interested pocket radio DXer.  Thanks again to all who have made Ultralight Radio DXing such a great success, especially to the 51 members of the Ultralightdx Yahoo Group site.
                                                                                   73,  Gary DeBock       

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