G6 Aviator


Hi folks,


I have the new Grundig G6. It is the same size as the E100. It has ssb which I guess disqualifies the set from the ultralights (although it cetainly is "ultralight"!).


In any case, I find that it is superior to the already fine E100 in selectivity and avoidance of overloading. Sensitivity seems similar. There is some noise on 1 or 2 frequencies...this is the case on 740 KHz on my set. At night, the noise on 740 does not pose much of a problem. The G6 has a larger "disk" knob than the E100's side of the case knob. It tunes very smoothly with zero muting. 1o KHz or 1KHz steps can be chosen. Like the E100, the display reads 1 KHz too high (to correctly tune in 770 KHz, for example, one would tune to 771). Although the ssb tunes in small pll controled increments, ECSS tuning is not very do-able. There is no USB or LSB which defeats the lure of choosing USB or LSB ECSS listening to rid oneself of qrm from an adjacent frequency.


On sw, it is quite sensitive on it's little whip, and amazing for such a tiny unit. On 20 meters, I heard both sides of a qso between Costa Rica and Corsica, New Zealand and Connecticut, and Zacatecas, Mexico and Chile in just the last 4 days!


It's a nice set, even if it can't be used as an ultralight for mw (even though, again, it is ultralight!).


Richard "Heatwave" Berler