Special Dxing Day

Allen Willie



Greetings To Everyone,


Well I survived my special  day yesterday  for my 40th Anniversary since I began Dxing, atmospheric conditions were not stellar throughout the day but seemed to improve  as evening approached.


All in all I had a great day doing what I love , namely Dxing . By the end of the day I had Dxed the ham , shortwave and Longwave and AM bands . I managed to tally 82 countries , 23 states and 5  provinces heard in total combined.


Later on in the evening I made a trip up on to Historic Signal Hill overlooking St. John's.

I pulled out the SRF-M37V Ultralight to do more Dxing from this special place .

It didn't take long to get the catch of the day. At 23:35 UTC ( 9:05PM) just at sunset I had portugeuse coming in very strong on 693 khz , usually English here from Talk Sport in England most nights. Further  listening revealed and ID as RDP Portugal which would be via the Azores Relay. What a way to cap off the evening with a new one on the Ultralights.


I'll post the loggings I have from  the Signal Hill trip as well as others I had from the homefront  yesterday on the next post.




Allen Willie VO1-001-SWL

St. John's, Newfoundland

SRF-M37V / SRF-39FP / SRF-59

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