Richard Allen...... An introduction

robert ross

At 01:31 PM 6/18/2008, Richard Allen wrote:

I recently join the group and thought an introduction might be in order.
Richard...Welcome to the ULR Group!!!!! Nice to have another fellow who's
been around for a while in the group!!

I own a coupleof dozen other receivers including several ultralights
(SRF-39FP, -59,
-M35, -M37V, -M37W and -T615). I belong to the IRCA, NRC and MWC.
That's a great stable of ULR Radio's you have there Richard. I also have
the Sony SRF-39P, SRF-59, and the well as a few more. I love
the T-615....and it is my Main DX Rig. The others are just as good.....but
the Digital Readout of the it the edge.

I see you're in is one of our other Prominent
Members....John Bryant. I'm not sure how far you are from him....I'm sure
he will comment though! Give Richard a yell John......

Thanks for the Short History of your DX's always nice to read
how others got interested in the Hobby. Also glad to see you enjoy ULR
DX' really is a pile of fun...and as you say....takes us back to
our younger days DX'ing with minimalistic Radios!

I would have to describe myself as a casual (or lazy) medium wave
DXer. Over the years I have logged stations on five continents from
my present QTH. But I only bothered to QSL a two of my trans-oceanic
loggings (BBC-1214 and WDR-1586) back in the 1970s.

Well.....ULR DX'ing fits right in with the "Lazy DX'er Theory" can
take your ULR to the Lazy Boy Chair.......the Picnic Table....or even to
Bed and still DX with little effort!! It really is quite amazing what you
can hear with a single AA Battery!!

Well that is enough boring stuff for now. Best of DX.

Not boring at all Richard...thanks for taking the time to post...and glad
to have you in the group. There is a great bunch of guys on this
reflector...much knowledge....and lots of helping hands with anything you
may need to know about ULR DX'ing.......

Have Fun...and Good DX.


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