Ultralight Radio Awards Committee Formed-- Exceptional Awards Offered!

Gary DeBock

Hello All,
     If you were to receive Djibouti-1431 on a stock pocket radio on the East Coast (5,906 miles), would you feel deserving of an award?  How about receiving VOA Thailand-1575 on a stock pocket radio from the west coast (7,283 miles)?  Do these receptions sound like science fiction?  No--  they are today's reality!
     With a strong desire to provide due recognition for outstanding DX accomplishments at this most challenging (and exciting) operating level, the Ultralight Awards Committee has been formed with one primary purpose:  to encourage and reward those DXers who are willing to prove that their operating skill and knowledge are sufficient to overcome the challenge of using very basic equipment.  A trio of recognized Ultralight radio DXers  (Rob Ross, John Bryant and myself, Gary DeBock) will be organizing and administering an Ultralight DXing awards system, with a goal of providing YOU with recognition for your challenging receptions with Ultralight radios.
     Some very exceptional DXers will soon be receiving special Founder's Awards for outstanding DX accomplishments during the past season.  These individuals don't need to submit any application-- their accomplishments are well known to any Ultralight radio DXer.
     For the detailed follow-up program, we would like YOUR input concerning which awards you would like to see!  Obviously, total stations, states, provinces, countries and continents received on Ultralight radios are logical choices for Ultralight awards, as well as total number of transoceanic receptions from each coast.  Would you like to have an award for the first transoceanic reception from a specific state, or province?  How about an award for the farthest reception from a specific state, or province? In your Ultralight DXing, what would YOU consider a great accomplishment?  We would like to know!
     Rob, John and I wish to motivate every possible AM-DXer to enjoy the supreme thrill of receiving exceptional DX on pocket radios, and we collectively pledge to create an awards system that will honor and recognize individuals who accept this special DXing challenge.  With your input and suggestions, we can ensure that exceptional DX is exceptionally rewarded!  Please feel free to submit any comments or suggestions to me (d1028gary@...)  or John (bjohnorcas@...).  General comments here on the IRCA list reflector or the Ultralightdx Yahoo Group site will also be very welcome.   Thanks!
                                                                                                 73,  Gary DeBock              

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