Final National SRF-39 Photo

John H. Bryant <bjohnorcas@...>

I couldn't resist sharing one of the photos that I took yesterday of the final National SRF-39 in its cabinet and with its companion speaker system cabinet. The sound system is a small 2 x 5 watt stereo amp from canakits  ( that cost under $35 assembled. It runs on 12VDC.  The back panel of the audio box has an audio out for two larger outboard speakers and a switch to choose between the outboard speakers or the four little speakers (2x2) in the front panel of the box. Thanks to canakits, the front panel has two input ports (hi and low impedance) as well as the volume pots for each channel and a power switch. Instead of putting both the radio and the speaker system in the same box, I opted for this route because I didnot have enough scrap wood for the larger cabinet and, this way, I can leave the speaker box in the NW, since my only use for this set in Oklahoma is DXing.

The ports for the four speakers were determined by the size of the little tweeters and mid-range units that were salvaged from the iPod audio dock that I salvaged. I kind of like the appearance of the speaker unit as it is very like some of the amps and receivers from the mid-1920s, when you had to watch the brightness of the tube filaments as you adjusted the controls. In any case, the speaker box will look good in my shelves, whether it is being driven by the National SRF-39 or by my mp3 player.

I'll be submitting an article this week, I hope.

And before either Nick or Guy can say it, YES, its great to be retired... the only problem with it is being OLD!

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