Ferrite bar vs air core -- where I'm headed

sloshatron <wa1gwh@...>

Thanks for the comments, John. Don't know where I'm heading! As it
turns out, I'm more of a tinkerer than MW listener.

I'm not sure I will replace the stock bar. On the UL Sprint survey I
indicated that I thought it should be considered that an electrically
stock set would be classed as (was it) barefoot? Anyways, not
unlimited. My set has very stiff tuning. I would not ever contest
with the original set. Just not fun. For the UL Sprint I used the
set stock, electrically speaking, but improved the tuning dial for
ergonometrics and to be able to calibrate it. But I had to enter as
unlimited because of this.

So I think that I will wait on the decisions of the authorities to
see how that turns out. If I can use it in the bottom class
(whatever it was called!) then I will try at least another contest
that way but with better mechanical tuning.

If I have to enter as unlimited then I may "improve" the antenna
circuit so that I do not have to twist two knobs (one of them a

This will all have to wait a while. The grass is growing and the
lawnmower is in peices in the basement. My garden space is only half
turned. And a host of other things!